Feb 15, 2009

False Hope

y are there such things as false hope? is there nothing in this world dat is certain enuff? if u can't do smthg / proceed, juz let ppl know dat u can't at the 1st place. last minute notice is only if smthg emergency happens. not because u feel like u don't wanna do it...

yeah.. yeah.. i knw.. in this world, nothing is certain except JANJI DIA. what goes around comes around. setiap perbuatan pasti ada balasannya. tunggu aje la. cepat atau lambat, bukan urusan kita. it may come in any form.

kepadaNya kita memohon, dan kepadaNya jugalah kita berserah..

it doesn't take forever to think of others. stop being selfish, please.

Lessons learnt

  1. Record you loved one's voice so u can hear it over n over again when they're gone.
  2. Be brave to say whatever u have in mind before u loose the moment for ever!
  3. Tell the truth.

hmmm.. where did these 'lessons' came from? here's the story...


somebody convinced me to watch this movie. so i searched for it n wonder when i'll find the time to watch it.

guess what.. it was on valentine's day! i don't know whether it's a good idea or not. watching this GREAT movie, alone.. of course it made me cried!! a lot! no surprise..

  • i cried when they made up after a fight.
  • i cried when Holly called Gerry's cellphone juz to hear his voicemail till she falls asleep. with his cellphone on the dressing table blinked everytime she called.
  • i cried when she woke up and saw 'Gerry' strumming his guitar on the couch, hold him while he strums n then sleep on the couch holding a cushion. with her eyes closed all the time.
  • i cried when Holly heard the tape for the 1st time.
  • i cried when Holly 'saw' Gerry everywhere in the house getting ready,dressing n going out somewhere. its like he's still around..
  • i cried when Holly karaoke for Gerry's sake n saw him n only him in the bar.
  • i cried when William sang to her n it flash backed to when Holly n Gerry met for the 2nd time in that same bar, singing the same song!
  • i cried when i saw Gerry read her their 1st encounter n rested his head on her shoulder while she hold his letter to her chest. he told her how she should pursue her dream. so sweet... n he's wearing the same clothes. ;(
  • i cried when Holly ran to her mum n cried so hard on her shoulder, realizing that she's all alone on her own all this while without the man she really loves so so much...

i love everytime Gerry calls her, 'LOV'... 'BABY'... ohh i juz love GERRY!!! n William too. :p or maybe it's the ascent.. :p
n i love those shoes!!

wht i hate bout this movie is it made me cry n when m still in the 'mood', it suddenly 'jumps' to the next scene n the mood just... 'gone'! but it's ok.. being drowned in the emotion is not a really good idea.. so, i take it back!

oh n btw... if i say i 'cried' it also means i 'love'.. so, i love EVERYTHING in this movie. it fills my heart, made it full of love~

i hope u'll watch the movie too..

p.s. i love u